Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ani l'dodi

I am kinda of in love with this necklace. It says Ani LeDodi V'Dodi Li which transaltes to I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine ... Its also the inscription on the inside of our yarmulkes and a line from the Song of Songs. It is exceptinally meaningful because this phrase and the whole Song of Songs is commonly used in Jewish wedding ceremonies ...  its supposed to be an allegory of the love between G-d and the people of Israel, which is most commonly represented as ...  you guessed it .. a marriage! G-d is the groom and the people are his bride. I think it would be a lovely gift for a groom to give a bride .. (hint hint Big Guy) ... chock full of tradition and meaning and kinda rockingly beautiful to boot!


Jenny.Lee said...

This is beautiful. I hope your man gets the "hint". ;)

Mike said...

What a unique and beautiful necklace.