Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm lame but YOU are awesome

Sorry I have been MIA guys .. life has been a little bit of a whirlwind .. but those days are no more .. I am in full on blog-mode! And it starts with .... our wedding highlight reel!!!

Please to enjoy party people ....

Wedding Highlight Reel from Lena Katsnelson on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


ch-ch-check it out ....

Monday, February 1, 2010

I'm NOT ready!!!

I am here :)

but I'm not ready ....

I'm not ready to wipe the glitter out of my eyes .. to shake off the magic and recap it all over again ... but I will! I will, very very soon ... there will be recaps, there will photos, there will be stories of the amazing, incredible, awesometatious (yeh its a word .. a word I made up .. but a word nonetheless) day that we had ... day we shared with everyone we loved with all our hearts.

very soon .. I just need a few more days to bask ... but like the big T said .. I'll be back.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Live feed!

January 24, 2010

I am getting MARRIED today.

yup .. thats happening. Today.

I love you guys for being on this journey with me .. I cant wait to share the conclusion with you.

See you on the flip side.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm back ...

and still kicking .. sort of.
New Orleans was amazing ... no wait it deserves capitalization was AMAZING!!! And there will be a full recap, very soon ... in the meantime I have settled into a nomadic existence. You see the Big Guy and I have decided not to see each other for the full week before the wedding .. and so I came back from NOLA to settle in with MOH Yevs and today I am heading on over to my parents house for the rest of the week. I did not think about how much a pain in the ass this was going to be but I am sure it will be worth it when I get the butterflies in the belly before seeing the mister again!
In the meantime, this week, we have hit some wedding  ... obstacles ... lets say. First, the ketubah that the Big Guy created himself was accidentally tossed by a cleaning crew and he has to make a brand new one all over again (but dont worry Ketubah 2, The Ketubah Strikes Back .. With a Vengeance is wwaaaaaay better than the original, for serious, its awesome). Also, my dress is a smidge too tight ... damn this whole getting married in winter thing when everyone is bigger than we should be! Ahhh also, the dry cleaners put a small tear in my veil, ... yeh its been kind of a funky week ... but I am not really letting any of it bother me ....
What I am thinking about is standing next to the Big Guy under the hoopah ... thats the moment I am waiting for, the moment I can't get out of my head, that's the moment that all of this has been about. It feels in these last days leading up to it, like I am swimming in a huge pool and I dove under water, and its beautiful and peaceful and full of warmth and support but all I am waiting for is to come up for air ... and that's what I anticipate that moment will be like for me ... that first burst of fresh air as I come rushing to the surface. 
Sigh ...and its just around the corner!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Live Feed!

And now I'm going ....

here ...

yep, its bachelorette party weekend! And we are going to be partying it up and getting down in New Orleans!

I am completely in the dark on itinerary but if you follow me on twitter, I will try to update as I find stuff out .... now let's just hope my phone works and allows me to keep you all in the loop!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Guess where I went today....

here ....
need another clue? ok fine .. HERE.
ps: NYC did it up right, our new bureau looks great ... and they even sell bouquets and other wedding accesories to make the experience that much more wedding-y. If your not into the whole big wedding shenanigans .. check, check, check, a check it out.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Better late than never ... My Bridal Shower

Ok so its been forever but the pics are finally here ... so take a peak .. at my amazing Winter Wonderland Bridal Shower ....

thats my Mamachka's butt, accompanied by my Sisterchka

check the digs people! Snowflakes, white birch, icicles .... loved it!

there was real food too but you know what your girl likes ...


The favors were super cute .. tiny bags of pine-cone potpourri....

the guests .. waiting around for me ...

I have arrived!

more dessert .. including a make your own hot chocolate, white cotton candy shooters, white rock candy, and my Sisterchka's yummy cupcakes!

This is my hot hot hot Mamachka in her toilet paper wedding gown ... tell the truth... its incredible!

This is my awesome Mother-in-law-to-be-achka .. being such a wonderful sport as my crazy relatives, blindfolded her, put red lipstick on her, and told her to kiss .. this man ....

yep, he's a hotty!

Then it was my turn .. but, little did I know that the Big Guy stepped in for the cardboard man ...

it was a very good surprise! (ps: disregard the crazy outfit it was part of a diff activity .. ok fine I dress that way everyday .. I admit it!)

Yep, quite a nice surprise .. just like our trip to PARIS .. which I absolutely cant wait for!

I cannot even express how incredibly lucky and loved I felt that day! Yevs, Mushy, Sisterchka, Mamachka, Grandmachka (Natachka) who planned it are just the most amazing group of women I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. And everyone who was there, made the day soo special, no words can relate how grateful I am to them.

Thank you ladies .. you rock my socks everyday.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Wedding Task: Favors


We decided a long time ago that we would make some sort of charitable contribution for a our favors .. and then a while back we stumbled on the idea of planting a tree in honor of each guest ... but we were still overwhelmed by options. There are so many ways to do it, so many potential companies to go through .... what to do??? Well what we decided to do was research every ingle one until we were blue in the face and then go with the two we liked best (which incidentally happened to be pretty cheap too! Only $1 buys a tree! $1!!!!). We bought half the trees from The Arbor Day Foundation and half from the Nature Conservancy .. yep we are wise like Solomon .. always split that baby people!

Then I hopped, skipped, and clicked on over to VistaPrint to make the cards for each guest letting them know that a tree had been planted for them. Again, I made half representing on organization and half the other. Check the design skills peeps ...

You know like my style! And I bought it through ebates so I even got money back! Woo! I love me a good deal .. (its like chocolate cake or pizza even when its not that good a deal ... its still damn good!)

If you would like to plant trees through The Arbor Day Foundation click here and to plant trees through Nature Conservancy click here.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Our photographer!

Ok folks its time to reveal ... our wedding photographer!!!! ... We met with some amazing photogs (I will be posting about one particular photog that I thought was also wonderful a little later this week) ... but in the end when you know, you just know and even back in October and November of last year, I knew that I loved Stregoica photography! I posted about Dina over at Stregoica here and here after meeting her at four, count 'em four of my friends weddings!

Wanna see more .... check the flow ...

oh yeh ... this is why she's hot ...

So what do you think folks? Worth the wait?

Ani l'dodi

I am kinda of in love with this necklace. It says Ani LeDodi V'Dodi Li which transaltes to I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine ... Its also the inscription on the inside of our yarmulkes and a line from the Song of Songs. It is exceptinally meaningful because this phrase and the whole Song of Songs is commonly used in Jewish wedding ceremonies ...  its supposed to be an allegory of the love between G-d and the people of Israel, which is most commonly represented as ...  you guessed it .. a marriage! G-d is the groom and the people are his bride. I think it would be a lovely gift for a groom to give a bride .. (hint hint Big Guy) ... chock full of tradition and meaning and kinda rockingly beautiful to boot!