Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year!

And I'm off ....

To MIAMI baby! That's right, I am gonna be spending New Year's Eve partying it up in the sun (I hope!).

But, when I get back, I have so much wedding biz to tell you about ... new vendors (the big photog reveal, I promise!), pictures from my amazing Winter Wonderland shower, and lots of last minute details being strung together by yours truly!

In the meantime .. party hardy .. and have at least one extra drink to the New Year for me! I will see all of you in the new year .. the year I get married!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Pearly whites .. revisited

So remember about my little crush the other day? On this ..
Well it asked me out!! And by asked me out, I mean, I paid for it to come to my home and make me happy .. hmm that sounded wrong but don't worry its totally legal to love a hair piece. But I just had to brag about the fact that I got it at half price! Go check out the clearance they are having on sample pieces at Tigerlilly. Just browse the site and find what you like, then shoot them an email or live chat them asking if they have a sample of it laying around, if they do you get your fabulous piece for half off! They rock. Period.
Can't wait for my date with my newest wedding accessory ... I'll keep you guys posted about how it goes but I have a feeling this is the one .. hey, I was right about the Big Guy!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas folks!

Hope you are all having  wonderful day, whether your celebrating or just enjoying some relaxing time off  ... soak it up and have a great weekend!

I will be partaking in a long standing tradition amongst my peoples ... enjoying some chinese food and watching a movie with my friends ... I can't wait!!

See you all Monday .. hopefully a little chubbier, a little happier, and a lot rejuvenated.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pearly whites

I am kind of in love with this ...

... in a big way .... like sometimes I look at my phone and I get sad cause I am hoping that this head piece thingy will call me but it hasn't and I keep asking all of my friends if they think it likes me too .. cause you know, its giving me all the signs but it just hasn't asked me out yet ... sigh .... if only it would just come to my doorstep and jump into my hair without me having to pay for it ... what!?!?! A girl can dream cant she???

Found here. Lusted after in my brain.

Winner Time!

We have a WINNER!

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:

Timestamp: 2009-12-22 18:39:07 UTC
I will be in touch shortly with how to claim your prize. Thank you to everyone who participated and to show their thanks Hazel & Harlow is offering all of you 30% off until December 28 .. just use the PromoCode Wedding09. Happy Shopping everyone!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Giveaway ends tonight!

The Hazel & Harlow giveaway ends tonight so hurry up and enter already. Just click here to go the original post.

The winner will be announced tomorrow morning .. good luck folks!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Wedding Update

Ok its 37 days and counting people ....
There are still 50 (that is right 50!) people who have not responded to the invites .. umm look there is a stamp on the card, put pen to paper and respond already! Or you know rsvp online .. I think we have made it pretty easy here folks. Phew, ok now thats done .. moving on ...
Tonight is a fun wedding related activity! DANCE CLASS. Not with the Big Guy mind you .. with my dad! He wants to learn a few steps for our father daughter dance .. so tonight we are gonna be learning how to jump, jive, and wail ... or ... how to dance with each other without him swinging me around wildly and dislocating both of my shoulders. But the best part is our instructor is my old dance teacher from when I was 7! Not kidding, he was the man who taught me ballet, modern, jazz, and hip hop for about 8 years! And I have to give credit where credit is due .. my dad thought this whole thing up, located him, and set up the lesson for tonight! Yep, he is pretty bad ass my papa.
Wish me luck blogworld ... we need to turn out a very large 6'4" Russian man into a graceful hoofer .. ok maybe that was the wrong synonym for dancer ... lets go with ... danseur .... I will keep you posted folks.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thank you thank you

A big thanks to everyone who left guest book suggestions on my Dilemma post ... I love them all!!! I will let you know what we go with shortly .... in the meantime, if anyone else has any suggestions let me hear em and don't forget to enter the latest giveaway!

ps: check out my latest post on the fabulous Weddzilla Blog (my bridesmaids .. stay away! There are gift spoilers ... come on ladies, it will be more fun if its a surprise! Honor system people .. honor it.)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Pretty pretty GIVEAWAY!!

It's giveaway time! Todays contest comes to you from Hazel & Harlow ... a wonderful place to get the most incredible unique pieces of jewelry you have ever laid eyes on! And they are giving up this pretty young thing ...

This beautiful piece could be yours! And how??? Well just click HERE and peruse the fab Hazel and Harlow website ... then come back here and tell me what your favorite piece is. It is that easy! I will pick a winner at random on Tuesday December 21. Click, look, comment and win .. yep I make it easy for ya.

PS: There will be a consolation prize for those of you who don't win (it will be good!)


Ok blogworld .. I need your help!
I want to have a guestbook for folks to sign and that I can keep and gaze upon fondly (that one time) and think about all the awesome people we had celebrating this amazing day with us .... you know what I mean, yes??
But, I am stuck in terms of what to do.. there are so many great options .. photobooks, classic guestbooks, silver platters for people to scribble on, little notes hung up on strings, pieces of fabric to make into a quilt ... the list is just endless!
So, here is where you come in... tell me everything people .. what did you do? what are you planning on doing? what have you seen others do? what where the pros and cons???
And as a reward for being so awesome and for reading an entire post without a single picture in it (I'm cruel, so sue me), tomorrow we will be having a fabulous giveaway .. I promise!
Thanks for help folks! You know your girl needs it .. 41 days and counting! ahh!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Manly gift ... space age style

Got a man in your life who needs some lovin, in the form of techy goodness .. then have I got the gift idea for you. Check out the iWallet. Its a fancy pantsy wallet that only opens if it recognizes your fingerprint. How bad ass is that?

Its pricey but so damn cool. Found on Thrillist and coveted by me!
PS: this could total be a gift for a chic too! I just find that most of the women I kow prefer large wallets and are also not as easily amused by the wonders of technology .. at least not as easily amused by them as me.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I had my surprise shower on Sunday!!!
It was amazing ... but until I have pics, I can't trully SHOW you how amzing it was .... and let me tell you .. it was slammin!
Ok fine! A few tidbits ... the theme was winter wonderland, the games were hilarious, there was no registry ... so everyone chipped in and got us a mini-moon (since we didn't plan a honeymoon for ourselves) and the minimoon is seriously off the chain ... we are going to PARIS. Read that again. Ok, you back? Yep thats right PARIS ... now can I assume you can rest assured that my friends and family rock beyond all comprehension .. they are just incredible.
more details to come, I promise.
Seriously. PARIS. Ok now, I'm done for real ... wait no, one more exclamation .. YAY!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Je N'est Pas Une Candy Bar

I have a problem .. I like to buy things. I know, I am not the only poor soul afflicted with this disorder, I see you sneekily looking around and giving me mental high fives for our shared desire to throw money out the window ... oh wait no, its just me? Ok fine. Well in any case ... I am pretty sure I know what our favors are gonna be .... very likely we will be going with this idea, I posted about a while ago. But I keep seeing other cute stuff I wanna give to our guests too. Like what about a bowl of these goodies for them to grab and munch on as they exist the premises ...
Monogram Hershey's Miniatures
A little chocolate to nosh on as they head home (hopefully from the best party ever!). I saw them on Westport Favor Company for only $0.60 each! Cute right?? Or am I just looking for more things to spend money on. I can't tell. And the wedds can sort of morph your brain into a device that is constantly telling you how much you need all kinds of stuff you really dont need, you feel me?
 Your thoughts my dear bloggy friends?
PS: I am having some not-so-secret jealous pangs for a candy bar .. but we just can't afford it ... so this might be my way of soothing that longing. Ok enough of my justifications. Jury, do your worst ... or your best...