Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Twig Votives

My tree obsession reaches new heights pretty much every day ...

... but they are so pretty, right??? Find them here.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Sharing is caring

Yo! Check out what Broke-Ass did! She made Bride$hare for all of us lucky ducks to buy, sell, and share wedding supplies. Go on ... get to it.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Signs ... a short film

This short film is so heartbreaking beautiful, sweetly silly, and undeniably romantic that it stole my heart completely the first time I saw it.

Sigh .... Why can't all romantic comedies be like this? Maybe then I would actually watch them.

PS: I know its 12 minutes long which is like 11.5 minutes longer than most of our 21st century attention spans
but WATCH it, I promise it is worth it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Floral or fern-al?

So .... remember these??? Well, look what I found now ...

Also kind of dreamy ... Oh man, is anyone else starting to feel bad for my future hypothetical florist? Cause my indecisive nature seems to be rearing its cute little head again. ...
What? You think being indecisive ain't cute? Wrong! It's adorable. ... Or is the Big Guy lying to me?

Oh well, I'll just tell them to go with whatever is cheapest and all of our problems will be solved.

{Image source}

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

48 Hour Online SALE

You know I am always looking out for you right???
Yeh, thought so.
Click here for bridal and here for evening. Happy Shopping!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Save The Dates .. My Version

So what do you think of my ... shall we call it ... reinterpretation???

Next step: what should we do with it? Put it on a magnet? Make it into a postcard? Folding card? Tattoo it all over our bodies???

Save the Dates

We need to order Save the Dates ... big time ... ASAP ... like yesterday. I think you catch my drift.

So far the Big Guy and I have suffered from an overabundance of good ideas .. "let's do a little calendar with our date circled!" or "how about magnet with our picture on it?" or "What if we sent a postcard with one of the engagement pics where we are holding the wedding date signs?" or "Lets make a magazine cover with the date on it!" and everytime we find something new and inspiring in the blog-o-sphere, we start playing around with various ideas until we both pass out from laughing too hard at each other's ridiculous suggestions. But then, I remembered this fabulous save the date that I saw on Brooklyn Bride many many moons ago ...

Here it is! Our inspiration! We are gonna try to create a little comic of our own over the weekend and get these bad boys sent out by next week. Lofty goals? Yes. But we can do it! ... I hope.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just dreamy ...

Aren't these just lovely ... it seems I have moved on from bendy lilies to floaty orchids...

{Image Source}

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

For your naughty boy ... or boys

I just had to show you guys these ties from Miss Feeney's Finery. They are like the mullet of business attire .... well you know if the mullet was insanely chic and sassy ... anyway, they are business in front and party in back! 

That's because in the front they look like classy, professional, handsome, serious ties but all your man's gotta do to see how you really feel about him is flip it up to see a very sexy pin-up girl. Suffice it to say, he will be very very happy to see you when he gets home. 

I found 'em on Thrillist

PS: Ladies, I know its supposed to be for dudes and all but Thrillist kinda rocks.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another NY Wedding Workshop


This invaluable course will teach brides on every budget level how to maximize the look and style of their wedding. Starting with invitation design right through to tabletop and every decorative element in between, learn what is worth the splurge and where you can save while enhancing each element of your decor. Work hands-on with actual materials and experiment with colors, textures and styles for your wedding. Attendees will leave this session with a list of NYC and online decor shopping resources, how-to guides to create breathtaking paper products that don't look homemade (menus, programs, etc.) and referrals for decorators and florists who will actually give you a proposal that is within your budget parameters. This is a do-not-miss for DIY'ers! Light refreshments will be served.
Saturday, June 27th, 2009
10 AM – 1:00 PM
Sharon Schuster Photography Studio
147 West 15th Street
Between 6th and 7th Avenues
$50 (click to purchase tickets)

$25 credit toward an upcoming NYWW event with every ticket purchase.


© Lindsay Landman Events 212-206-9201 info@nyweddingworkshop.com

The New York Wedding Workshop 147 West 35th Street Suite 707 New York NY 10001

How lucky am I?

Love letter from the Big Guy:

"I love you more than the Tan(½π)*. My love for you is as unbounded as the differential operator on the L2(R) Hilbert space. I love you as much as you love 1,000 Crumbs cupcakes** in 1,000 Crumbs cupcake flavors, for 1,000 days straight, or roughly 1 x 109 Crumbs cupcakes worth of lovin’. That’s a whole lotta love!"

After a particularly crappy day, there is nothing like a note from my math geek guy.

* Tan (½π) = Infinity
** Crumbs = my absolute FAVE cupcakes.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Giselle ... the true story

Last night I saw the American Ballet production of Giselle. This ballet is a classic, this is probably my third or fourth time seeing but as I watched  yesterday something occurred to me that I never got before ... everyone got the story wrong!

Plot: Giselle, or G is a simple girl living in a simple town when a man comes strolling through, this is actually the Count Albrecht in disguise. G falls head over heels with Count which pisses off H, who is madly in love with our girl G. Of course, it turns out that Count is actually engaged to a noble woman (the only character who treats G with any kind of respect). After finding out that she can never be with Count, G kills herself (at least she did in the original, most productions now have her dying of a broken heart ... which I cant even type without gagging). In the second act, both men come to the forest to grieve at G's grave when ghostly lady demons appear, these are spirits of women wronged by men, who kill any man they encounter. They kill H and try to kill Count but G rises from her grave and stops them from killing him long enough for the sun to come out and the spirits to go back to their graves. So, H dies, Count lives, and G rests in peace and does not become a man-killing ghost.

The standard theory goes thusly: G saved Count because she loved him so much and for years I was confused by this. Why did she save the man who betrayed her and allow the man who loved her to die. 

Well last night it hit me, who really won here? Ok, I get it, no one! But, take a leap with me here, in the world of Giselle, there are ghosts so the characters who die get to exist afterwards. So, actually, H gets to be with G in the after life and spend his ghostly existence admiring her BUT Count gets to live the rest of his miserable life knowing he betrayed both his fiance and the woman he loved. Not only that, but since G saved him from the ghosts, the Count has to live with the guilt of knowing that she saved his life even though he lied to her and caused her untimely demise. Not only THAT, but G let the ghostly ladies torture the Count all night long and saved him just short of death each time ... so homeboy was miz all night long - bruised and beaten. NOT ONLY THAT, but she sent Count home to his fiance after he stayed out all night ... and I am certain the lady gave him an earful ... if not a fistful!

Point being, in my childhood it bugged me that she saved the Count! I hated feeling like she was just some moron who stood up for a big tool and refused to believe the truth of the fact that she loved a d-bag! But now I realize, she punished the coward by giving him the opportunity to live without her and suffer for his misdeeds .... and put her admirer out of his misery. Giselle is my girl! Props to her .. well you know except for that whole going nuts and killing herself bit ... not so much into that part.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Throw your money at this

As many a NY (and many an anywhere) couple knows .. finding a venue is hard. What do you do if you don't want a big classic wedding but your also not into the City Hall thing? Well right now, you pout and suck it up. But we can use our dolla dolla bills to remedy the situation. Click here to support a fantastic project trying to create a Wedding Chapel in the NYC.

Here is the pitch:

"Wedding Chapel" will be New York City's most fun and affordable 
wedding spot, offering couples the chance to have long lasting 
memories without a church or city hall. Wedding Chapel clergy will 
marry couples at the Grand Opening storefront on 139 Norfolk street in 
Manhattan's Lower East Side. It's Vegas -- the New York way.

Do the do

I never tend to get all that excited when I see pictures of wedding hair ....
but this quite lovely, no?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Women in Green

You know how sometimes, you fall in love with a green dress, and then you see another one and realize that you love that one too? Then another, then another, until you realize that you have a problem? No? Really? It's just me? Is there a green dress twelve step program? 

Monday, June 8, 2009

Hyatt Wedding Registry

So I am not so into registering for gifts (Russians don't do wedding gifts, they bring envelopes full of cash and why mess with such a warm and wonderful tradition?) but this looks like a pretty sweet idea. Check the pitch peeps ...

Hyatt Hotels & Resorts Launches new Online Bridal Gift Registry

Hyatt Hotels & Resorts has unveiled the Hyatt Gift Registry, where couples can register online for a host of amenities, services and accommodations at Hyatt hotels and resorts worldwide.  Imagine spa treatments, dinners on the beach, scuba diving or an anniversary stay at a favorite hotel on a gift registry?  It's an ideal option for the couple who has everything.

Guests make a contribution towards Hyatt Gift Cards (redeemable at Hyatts in the U.S., Canada and Caribbean) or Hyatt Check Certificates™ (redeemable at Hyatts worldwide). Just like traditional registries, couples are notified as gifts arrive and they can make revisions with just a few easy clicks. Best of all, there are no expiration dates or blackout dates so any extra honeymoon credits can go towards future vacations, spa treatments, etc.

And if you're planning a destination wedding, couples who wed at a participating Hyatt property (in the U.S., Canada, Cancun, Mexico or Aruba) by June 30, 2010 will receive up to five complimentary nights towards their honeymoon.

Friday, June 5, 2009


Yo, is anyone else tired of seeing these kind of images on reality TV over and over again??
Yeh, me too and so is Raina Kelley. Every time I turn on the tube, I am assaulted by a barrage of images of women portraying the most negative stereotypes available to them. Stepping on each other for cash, degrading themselves for cash, obsessing over cash, doing all of these things just to be next to a man who has cash ... seeing a pattern here? 

You don't even need to watch any of these shows! The commercials are enough to make the vomit rise. Look, I am not knocking mindless entertainment, I need to shut my brain off occasionally too, but couldn't we have like 1, just ONE normal female on reality TV every now and then? 

And when you start talking wedding shows, the field of real women becomes so narrow as to be completely nonexistent. Really? Really WEtv? Are we really all screeching, nagging, fit throwing psychopaths when it comes to tiny napkins with our initial on them? Cause I dunno about you, but I'm good without the napkins .... oh and without the adult size hissy fit these women seem to think is the only appropriate reaction to every circumstance in life ... ever.

So you ask, what inspired this rant?? This fantastic article over at Newsweek.com. I think the author makes a great point and I was especially sensitive to the wedding related aspects of article, because I am sick of being characterized by these bastions of poor judgment. 

These shining beacons of bad behavior persist in our culture as life imitates art and vice versa, infusing even how we relate to one another. I am tired of people fleeing the room or telling me to "calm down" or calling me a "bridezilla" when I am simply stating my opinion or asserting a preference. 

I am calm, I am happy, and every now and then I am going to have an opinion ... and that a "zilla" of any kind does not make.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Yeah New Hampshire!

The secret of happiness is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage.” - Thucydides

This is turning into a great year! One after another the states keep showing the Federal government that love is above the law and equality matters. Let's keep 'em coming!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Quote of the Day

One of my maids of honor, Meish, on noting my opinion while browsing through potential bridesmaid dresses:
"Note to self – avoid dresses resembling wedding gowns and anything Ann Boleyn would wear."

Hehe ... WOOD

So I know I have been kind of banking on this whole photo save the date thing but then I saw these beauties .... They are made by Stamp World a lovely bunch of people out in Colorado who were nice enough to send me some samples and they are not only gorgeous but also light and thin (I was worried they would be bulky but they feel like card stock just a little more substantial). The engraving is done beautifully and the overall effect is just lovely.

Stamp World makes invitations, reply cards, save the dates, directional cards, thank you cards really anything you need. And they can make any of them into magnets too!  Oh and you want matching envelopes?? Yeh, they do that

Plus they will engrave any custom design you want on any wood species. That is ... let's go say it with me ... so effin awesome!

Ok, ok I'll stop my rambling praise ... but only because I have to go to work! Otherwise I would be singing songs and yelling adoration for at least a few more hours. Come on! You know your with me ...