Thursday, February 5, 2009

Extra! Extra! DISCOUNT for NY area couples here!

Whats better than gorgeous photos to immortalize you and the person you love the most on a day that is symbolic of your love and commitment to one another? Nothing you say? Nope, the right answer is ... getting a great deal on said hot shots and saving a bundle of money! And both of these euphoria inducing things can be yours my NY area brides and grooms (ha! who am I kidding? oh well a girl can dream).

The fabulous Missy from Missy Photography has made the move to the NYC (that's right California, we are taking all of your good stuff - first Pinkberry, then Missy, can In-N-Out Burger be far behind?). Head right on over to the fabulous Missy Photography site and check out the photos, then immediately get in touch with her to take advantage of 15% off on ANY package.

Let's welcome Missy in style NYC ... no! not like that! ... the good way ... ok that's better. Welcome to the big apple homegirl.


Krista said...

Wow ... that's awesome!

AmyJean said...

If NYC got In'n'Out, i foresee many trips to the city from DC on a weekly basis :-)

bridechic said...

Great perspectives in these shots