Tuesday, February 3, 2009

show your suport ...

... for the new Flea Market Classifieds from the fantastic Amanda over at VintageGlam Weddings.

Here is how she described the new project:

What is it: Free local wedding classifieds. You can browse by state and by city. There are no fees, and there is no subscription required. Users also have the option to state whether their items can be shipped or are available for pick up as well.
Why: to help brides cut their wedding costs, newlyweds recoup some of their wedding budget, and to get in the spirit of recycling, reusing and reducing.
How it works: choose your category, your area then start describing what you’re selling. It will ask you if you’re willing to will internationally, ship to the U.S only or if it’s only available for pick up (great for heavy or fragile items such as vases). You can upload up to 4 pictures no larger than 600×600pixels. There is also the option to publish your email address to the public or let users email you through a contact form that is visible on your ad page (recommended). This option keeps your email address anonymous.

So what are you waiting for ... get over there, check it out and show Amanda some love.

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