Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bridesmaids gifts with purpose

So, you say you wanna get your girls something pretty, something affordable, something shiny maybe??? Now how about all of that plus charitable and good for other women? Can't be done? .... oh yes, yes we can!

Check out The Breast Cancer Site Store which is chock full of goodies at totally reasonable prices and all of your purchases provide mammograms to women in need. Want some evidence??? Good call counselor ...

Exhibit A - how about some pearls for your girls???

Exhibit B - ring-a-ding, ding?

Exhibit C - maybe you're into heavy metal?

You know I've made my case.

Oh and if your not into the jewelry thing, they have clothes, home products, bags, accessories ... let's face it, they have everything. So what are you waiting for?? Go buy yourself something pretty and help out women in need ... has there ever been a better idea? Answer = nope!


bunniesnbeagles said...

Do you know what percentage of each purchase actually goes to mammograms? I always hesitate about these type of companies because most don't give a significant portion — generally less than 5%. I couldn't find it on their site. Or the names of the charities they donate to.

Sorry, I come from a nonprofit background so these concerns are always on my radar.

Bridechka said...

Hi Bunnies!! I think that is a totally legitimate concern. I know that for each gift the percentage is different and they give it to you as a percentage of the mammogram that you provided. But even if its small, my feeling is that I am gonna be buying trinkets anyway, might as well make them mean something :)

Thanks for commenting!

Yevs said...

cute cuff!

Shelby said...

Hmm, along the line of bunniesnbeagles' comment, I would like to add this article. It suggests that most of the time, these people are full of crap, and don't give nearly as much as they claim. Maybe the website you posted is different, but like this article says, 'breast cancer is a disease, not a marketing opportunity.'

Bridechka said...

Thanks for the article Shelby, it brings up some really interesting points.