Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Feather for your cap ...

I know that I promised to start off today with some talk about wedding venues (which will be forthcoming) but I stumbled across a wedding accessory yesterday while walking through the East Village. I happened to go into a small shop called Apt. 141 while browsing through their collection of clothes meant for girls much cooler than me (I am generally a jeans and tank top kind of girl... don't worry they're cute jeans!) and the collection of jewelry from local designers when I happened upon this head piece...

The feathers are soft and the pearls that line the bottom add a touch of elegance. There is a small comb on its back which keeps it in your hair. The price was great, it was well under fifty dollars which is not something that you could say for anything that you would find in "wedding" specific shop.

All you cool NY brides should absolutely go snatch it up! Remember: the early birdy gets the worm (sorry couldn't resist the bird related cliche).

The little shop in the village: Apt 141, 141 East 13th Street, NYC 10003
Hours: Mon. - Sat. 12 - 8pm and Sunday 12 - 7pm

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