Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Venue: Bridgewaters

If you want an urban wedding by the sea, then you should absolutely go check out Bridgewaters. It is located in the classic NY tourist spot, South Street Seaport, which means great pictures of you on cobblestone streets and the backdrop of the East River... on the other hand it also means that there will be hundreds of tourists staring at you during these pics (but that actually may be fun depending on your feelings about attention from ogling strangers...I'm kind of for it myself). 

The view from inside the venue is also amazing ... 
Huge windows + Brooklyn Bridge at night = gorgeous. 

I didn't get to see the whole place while I was there because there was another wedding going on. The room I did see had a distinctively nautical feel, but the event coordinator assured me the other room (the one being used at the time) was less boat-related and was very clean and modern (the pictures of that room showed hanging lanterns that I thought looked pretty rockin).

The prices quoted to me for a winter wedding were around $150 per person on a Sunday and closer to $200 on Saturday. 

Then we got down to business....oh yeh, I hit'em with the Ruskie requirements:
1. "NO! We definitely cannot put vodka bottles on the table, but we provide an open bar...."
2. The wedding will be the usual 5-6 hours long so only about 4 hours for the reception itself... to extend it you have to pay extra...per person... per hour... like every other place so far.

The hunt continues...


Mrs. in May said...

You Ruskies are wild! I went to a Russian party in Brighton Beach once with then boyfriend and could not understand that I had my own bottle of vodka, right in front of me!!! That was wild and I loved it!

Definitely don't setting, it certainly makes for a great party!

Have you looked at venues where you just rent the space and you can bring in your own caterers/booze?

Bridechka said...

Haha... its true we are wild :)

Which place on Brighton beach did you go to?

I am starting to look at places where I would bring the caterer in now, but they are a lot of work (since there arent people in place to do stuff for you) but as I do more research I will definately keep posting about those spots on the blog too.