Friday, October 24, 2008

Wedding motto #1

Last year my best friend got married. The wedding was lovely and full of heart and held at the stunning Brooklyn Botanic Gardens in Brooklyn, New York (I might post some pics of it in the future). One of the best things about her wedding was a motto that her father thought up and would occasionally make us repeat (he eventually got a little drunk on the power of getting us to say the line anytime he wanted but we forgave him because of the wisdom of the motto).

I figured I would share, anytime people say to you, "but you have to have blah blah blah!" or "the guest will expect blooh blooh blooh" and you start feeling a little wedding- bonkers just repeat:

"It's NOT a production! It's a CELEBRATION!"

It seems obvious but trust repeating this every now and then can chase (at least some of) the crazies away.


Anonymous said...

hahahahahha. "blah blah blah! - blooh blooh blooh"

that's amazing! absolutely hilarious and a spot on interpretation of the kind of "advice" you get on you get...


Bridechka said...

Haha, your welcome! Glad you like ;)

bekapaige said...

This is a fantatic motto!!