Friday, January 23, 2009

Another bout that caught my eye

Ok so maybe I spoke too soon about the whole not caring about boutonnieres thing .. turns out there are some really cute ones out there in the world of wedding blogs. I am digging this one big time, especially if my bouquet is made of cotton too ... possibly like so ...
Sigh .. so soft, so pretty, so ... wintery (its a word!). Makes me think of marshmallows floating in hot chocolate.

The bout is from Almasy Photography via Elizabeth Anne Designs and the bouquet is courtesy of White and Wander.


Karol said...

Very cute. Love the idea of not actually using flowers.

P.S. I'm also Russian Jewish living in NY (but getting married elsewhere).

AmyJean said...

I love marshmellows and soft fluffy clouds. Loving that bout!


Pearls Of Wisdom, LLC said...

Bridechka, the are allowed to change your mind :-)

Love the post. I have been following your blog since your first post...{does that make me a stalker?}

You are past the point of needing shout here it goes.

I am honored to feature your blog as the 'Bridal Blog of the Week'!!
Here's THE LINK to the post::

Krista said...

That's pretty cute! I'd have never thought of that!

Yevs said...

the cotton thing looks unsanitary. I'm not sure,,, i feel like dirt will get stuck in it and it'll look weird.

but more importantly.. congrats to 'Bridal Blog of the Week'!!!!!!

Bridechka said...

Pearls, I am soo sooo soooo (I am not sure if there are enough so's to accomplish what I am trying to say here) grateful and honored! You are so sweet!

Yevs, you have finally revealed to the world your obsesso cleaning addiction. Love it!!!

Thanks to everyone for the comments :)

Jennifer said...

What an interesting idea! I never thought of a bouquet made from cotton. I also love the bow tie on that guy! So cute!