Friday, April 24, 2009

My Wedding Workbook

Ok close your eyes and picture a typical wedding planner ... wait forget that closing your eyes might make it very difficult for you to keep reading. Ok do over ... keep your eyes wide open and focused on the screen so that you can see my newest obsession: My Wedding Workbook. This ain't your granny's wedding planner. That's right people, no more giant pink binders with huge rings and pictures of Martha Stewart wagging her finger at you for being a bad bride. No more carrying around bulky notebooks filled with loose papers and to-do lists. That all ends now because on My Wedding Workbook, you can keep everything organized without all that extra paper (see its eco-friendly too!). The site offers a comprehensive wedding planner with lots of features: you can use it to organize guest lists, figure out your budget, put together a task calender, keep tabs on your to-do checklist ... and I think there is also a feature that yells at your wayward drunk Uncle when he starts hitting on you're very married future mother-in-law ... ok maybe not but I am sure they are working on it!

So go check it out and while your there check out the very cute story of how the site started.


A.Mountain.Bride said...

hummm...I think I need this.

WeddingChecklist said...

A wedding plan is a must. Use the right guide and and your wedding could be perfect!