Thursday, April 2, 2009

Venue: The Players Club

"We do not mingle enough with minds that influence the world," Edwin Booth said of his fellow actors,"We should measure ourselves through personal contact with outsiders … I want my club to be a place where actors are away from the glamour of the theatre." And two years later The Players Club was formed as just that place. The Club is right across the street from Gramercy Park (and they have the key to the park ... can you say pictures! I know you can). 

This venue piqued my interest, its not my usual style (I tend to go for that modern minimalist thing) but I figured I would give it a shot since it looks so unique and interesting and I gotta say ... its pretty cool. It looks like the house of an eccentric millionaire who is obsessed with theater ... its full of paintings, statutes, old books, leather chairs, and old rugs.

The price is high but pretty reasonable ... for NYC. There is a site fee of approx $4500 and the catering costs about #135 per person (the caterer is Elegant Affairs). But you don't need to rent anything, all tables, chairs, linens are included and you definitely do not need much in the way of decoration because the place itself is so elaborate.

Unfortunately, it gives the classic wedding place time limit but on the bright side to add time they do not charge per person, but just a flat rate for every extra hour.  Also, a big pro in their favor, they said they would put vodka bottles on the table (woohoo!) but for an extra fee per bottle (booo!). All in all, it is definitely on the short list of potential venues.


AmyJean said...

That is a very nice venue... It'd make my short list too :)

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

This place looks FANTASTIC... and I remember the vodka was important to this wedding!!! Mine too!

Who is to say you couldn't set your own bottle of it on each table? If this is wrong, "I don't want to be right!"

accordionsandlace said...

Whoa this place looks amazing!! Vodka on the table--my family would faint with joy.