Thursday, May 7, 2009

F* Scrubs!

The Big Guy and I are sitting here watching the finale of one of our fave shows: Scrubs. And right as it is about to end and we are about to drift happily off to bed, both our mouths drop open .... the stupid finale stole our effing first dance song! And we thought we were gonna be sooooo original ... not so, I guess :(

Eff ... do we need to find a new song now??? I don't wanna!


Alison said...

Haha I was watching thinking "That would be a really great song for a first dance..."

No you don't have to change it. You thought of it first. Who cares if Scrubs used it..

AmyJean said...

Don't... Don't. who cares. It was your song before it was Scrubs song... take it back. ITS YOURS!

girlsgourmand said...

HAHA thats hilarious. I was watching the episode before the finale yesterday too and thinking, damn this show just sucked big time this season and this morning i see the title of your post. heeheh!

Jenny.Lee said...

It's your song!!! Keep it!

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

OMG I love scrubs, but since kids, don't watch it much anymore!!! Is it really ending??/

Who gets married?

(oh and the deadline isn't until like the 18th. You've got plenty of time, but I'm glad you're going to enter.

Also, glad to hear tags don't end. I'll get right on that too!!!!)

Amanda B. Young said...

Truly did not realize that you just posted on it. I've had it bookmarked in my "things to blog about" folder for foreverrrrr. Would have most definitely given you credit had I known!

And, maybe we can be hardcore spy chicks together? It's my secret dream to be a female James Bond. Weddings? Pshhhh. I'm fighting CRIME. ;-)

Amanda B. Young said...

Oh and P.S. Scrubs is THE best. I'm not going to ask any details because I've been avoiding this season like the plague (I watch them all at once when it comes out on DVD).

But whatever, I don't think you should let a TV show ruin it for you. How many of your guests are really going to think "oh isn't this the song they played on the finale of Scrubs"? Probably none.

Bridechka said...

Ok, ok I think you guys are right, we are keeping it :)

Thanks for all the comment love folks!

Amanda - No worries! I totally don't need credit! I am psyched that we can plan our transition into spies together. I always kinda wanted to be Rogue from the X-Men but I would definitely take Bond Girl instead! We must do it!!!!

Szani (Sunny) said...

I am going through the exact same thing as you with the exact same problems. You and I are think alike. Multicultured wedding, check, crazy family double check check. Except that I am Hungarian and half Greek and my fiance is Albanian. Oh and Scrubs is our favorite tv show of all time, too. Good luck on your wedding and marriage. You cracked me up with your blog and actually I'm a but calmer because of it. So thanks.

east side bride said...

what was the song? was it a first dance?

i totally don't watch but i'm dying over here :O

Bridechka said...

Haha! East side I wouldn't let you suffer! Its Book of Love the Peter Gabriel version ... always makes me think of me and the Big Guy ... its romantic but also kind of irreverent ... I guess I am just gonna have to post it soon :)