Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our newest vendor!

There is a great debate that rages in the wedding madness ... to DJ? OR to band?

Me, I am a fan of DJs. For many reasons. The music sounds right (cause its not a cover!), they're cheaper, take up less space ... oh yeh and have I mentioned that the music sounds right? 

BUT ... and this is one giant ass in the world of 'buts' ... there are problems with my DJ lovin. First of all there is something to be said for live music, it pumps everyone up, sends out perky energy vibes, and hopefully gets everybody excited and ready to dance. 

Also, in order to make everyone happy, here is the collection of languages and genres that would need to be played at our wedding: 
American music that older Americans like to dance to, old school Russian music, Russian dance music, Hebrew/Jewish music, French, Italian, Spanish (if I could only explain to you how much Russians love latin music ... soooo much!), Pop, Dance music, hip hop, classic rock (for the Big Guy), Jazz, Swing, Standards, at least two obscure Joe Dassin songs, American music that young Americans will want to dance to ... 
Its not that a DJ couldn't provide some of these types of music ... but a lot of the Russian and old-school Euro-pop that makes my Russian fam happy will not be on your average DJs playlist, and they are nearly impossible to find online.

But the Big Guy and I didn't need to debate at all, because the wedding music was not an issue for us ... we knew exactly who/what we wanted right away. 

And here is why:
Two years ago, we went a our friends K&A's wedding and saw the answer to all or our musical queries. And that answer came in the form of the most effin fantastic BAND, either of us has every seen! This band did it all! Russian, English, modern, old, Spanish, Italian ... I think you are starting to get the picture. They were in a word PERFECTION. And the Big Guy and I signed a contract with them, so they are officially our band now. 

Venue - check
Rabbi - check
Rings - check
Band - oh hell yeah!


Irina said...


Anonymous said...

Oh man, with my very traditional Polish/Russian family and his VERY Canadian family and all of our weirdo music nerd friends, I know what you mean about having to straddle a million musical expectations! And a GOOD band is awesome (there are just a lot of shitty wedding bands). So glad you found something that fit!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Lucky you to find a band that sang in so many languages/styles!

Elayne said...

Would you mind disclosing what the name/contact info for this band is...? I did not think such perfect-sounding stuff existed.

Bridechka said...

Haha, I had my doubts too Elayne, but from what I have seen and heard, they are the real deal. The band is called D&E Entertainment ( Hope you like!! They came highly recommended.

thanks to everyone for their comments :)