Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bad blogger! Whatchya gonna do?

I've been a baddy! Not posting for two straight days! This whole being a lawyer thing is harder than I thought! But in the meantime, the wedding planning has been progressing along....

Things we have gotten done:
We met with two florists this weekend (who I LOVED! Never thought I would say that! No really, both were awesome) and we're going to see another two next weekend.

We picked yarmulke colors for the wedding! A yarmulke or kippah is a traditional head-cover that is usually worn by Jewish men .. although sometimes women too depending on their traditions, beliefs, personal feelings, etc... I will tell you more about this later this week.

We received our invites! They are AWESOME (thanks Leslie!)

And we set up appointments to talk to some photogs next week.

Phew ... yep, this whole wedding thing is gonna happen! One way or another ...

And to make up for being a baddy this week I leave you with a deal from Wedding Channel

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i have to say i'm impressed that you're able to blog at all being a lawyer. you impress me :) & so exciting about the progress. sounds like everything's coming together. let me know if you need any vendor recommendations.

Bridechka said...

Aww your so good to me! Your comment really made me smile and made my whole day so much brighter! Yeh I would love any recommendations :)