Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Take your Vitamins

Lets talk music. Specifically, ceremony music. I know the favorites, Pachelbel's canon (which is a lovely tune) and such but I want something that is quirky and unique and different and still classic all at the same time... I know, I know, it always seems like what I want are seemingly contradictory things but then came along Vitamin String Quartet.

Vitamin satisfied all of my requirements. Their sound is classical and instrumental but their songs are covers of popular music! You want some Queen? They covered it. How about some old school Janet Jackson? Yep its there. Hmm... Killers? Nirvana? Nas? Beatles? Yep, yep, yep, yep. Their music has beautifully organic sound and every time I hear their songs it makes me think a cool classy wedding (hopefully the words that will apply to my big day). They even have a compilation album called Modern Wedding Collections.

Below is a little video I made using their cover of In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel and using the images of the incomparable Dina over at Stregoica Photography.


Abbie said...

I have been obsessed with Vitamin String Quartet. Thinking of using their version of All You Need is Love in our wedding.

Bridechka said...

I know I am completel head over heels for them. Yeh, I really like that one too :)