Monday, December 14, 2009


Ok blogworld .. I need your help!
I want to have a guestbook for folks to sign and that I can keep and gaze upon fondly (that one time) and think about all the awesome people we had celebrating this amazing day with us .... you know what I mean, yes??
But, I am stuck in terms of what to do.. there are so many great options .. photobooks, classic guestbooks, silver platters for people to scribble on, little notes hung up on strings, pieces of fabric to make into a quilt ... the list is just endless!
So, here is where you come in... tell me everything people .. what did you do? what are you planning on doing? what have you seen others do? what where the pros and cons???
And as a reward for being so awesome and for reading an entire post without a single picture in it (I'm cruel, so sue me), tomorrow we will be having a fabulous giveaway .. I promise!
Thanks for help folks! You know your girl needs it .. 41 days and counting! ahh!


The Thirty-Something bride said...

I did questionnaire books for folks to fill out. We're planning in reading them on our first anniversary!

I knocked the idea off from something I found on-line and I personalized it. I think people enjoyed doing it, but not everyone played along! :) I had fun making it though.

Julie said...

I'm making a blurb book with photos and "relationship paraphernalia", as I'm calling it. I scanned in all these concert ticket stubs, cards that we wrote to each other, love poems, etc. It's looking really cute but I want to wait until closer to the wedding to get it printed so I can add more recent photos.

Jes (A Mountain Bride) said...

Well. I was so obsessed with having a "wedding tree" where our guests would leave their thumbprints and signature on the branches of a large tree silhouette. I even found an artist to commission the project! But. In the end I had to cancel the commission because our budget couldn't take on another project. I think we will use our polaroid camera and snap pics of everyone entering the reception and fill a book of them. Probably no goofy/fun props either. I'm trying to streamline our event at this point.

Brittney said...

I'm planning on putting a spin on the photo book.... here's my post about it:

Sport said...

Hi Hi! I'm at 38 days and counting. Comes at 'cha fast, huh? We've been planning on doing a comic strip and having guests fill in the conversation bubbles. We'll leave them loose leaf and bind them after the wedding craziness subsides. I'm still looking for a place to get them bound. But I've created the blank comics in InDesign and will just print them on an laserjet printer. Hopefully, it will all go fine.

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

Check out my blog post about our own photobooth guestbook and the book I found online for it that I am super excited about!

{The Perfect Palette} said...

our guestbook consisted of an antique suit case and some pre cut paper that had our names & our wedding motif printed on them. We had a little sign that read "wedding wishes for the newlyweds"

Jen said...

I made a scrapbook guestbook

Check it out here!