Monday, March 16, 2009

Big Winner

So the Big Guy tells me that mathematically speaking there is no such thing as a random number generator (it can never be truly random or some such nonsense ... umm I mean genius ... sorry Big Guy!) ... anyways I used the handy dandy Random Number Generator to pick lucky number 12 so congrats to Liz!
The nice peeps over at Online Poster Printing will be in touch shortly. Thanks to everyone for your comments!


Krista said...

Liz is a lucky duck!

Liz @ McFargan: A Midwestern Matrimony said...

I never win anything! ;) Yay! Thanks, Bridechka!

Sorry, Krista. Maybe we can make it halfsies and share. ;)

Krista said...

Oh, Liz - you're too sweet, but this is your turn to win!

Mrs. Heartfixer to be said...

Congrat's Liz!