Monday, December 1, 2008


I am thankful (even though Thanksgiving is over).

I am thankful that twenty years ago exactly, my parents and grandparents were brave enough to leave their home, their friends, and their families to come to a country where we could have a chance at something more.

I am thankful that they were not scared off by the prospect of leaving behind everything familiar, everything close to their hearts, and gamble to give me opportunities that they could only dream of.

I am thankful that they gave up their jobs, titles, respected positions not knowing what kind of work they would be able to get, all because they knew it would be a better place for me.

I am thankful they left a country which stamped our religion on our passports just to make it easier for them to identify the Jews.

I am thankful that they followed their dreams even though the only thing that lay ahead was hard work and uncertainty.

I am so thankful for the life I lead here and all of the things that my family has given me and given up for me.



EliandMe said...

That's beautiful. What brave, loving, hopeful people your parents are.

Jenny.Lee said...

Beautiful post.

Yevs said...

here here....
i am thankful for you!

Bridechka said...

Thank you guys!

Yevs, stop making me all emotional! I am so thankful for you too!