Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A story thats rarely told....

Living in the NYC give me some truly amazing opportunities in terms of arts and cultural events (ya know... when I am not studying for finals....).

Recently, I got to see an incredible documentary called Refusenik (the screening was organized by the amazing Yevs). It is a powerful but rarely told story about the Jews who fought just for the ability to leave the former USSR. They were refused, ignored, jailed, exiled, and put into labor camps just for exercising their rights to practice their religion and trying to leave the country that oppressed them.

If it wasn't for the actions of the brave Refuseniks and all of the amazing civil rights activists who protested the USSR's actions all across the world, then my family would still be in Belarus, I would still not know what it means to be Jewish, I would never have met the man that I am going to marry, ... I would not be leading this charmed life.

I can only hope that when they look back on the suffering they had to endure, they know that it gave life and liberty to over a million families. And when I stand under the chuppah, face the Big Guy in front of all of our families, hear the melodious Hebrew words fill the room, listen to the words of the Rabbi... I will know that this moment in my life belongs entirely to and is only possible because of the Refuseniks.


Krista said...

Wow. It's funny the things we take for granted. And yet human rights violations still continue in many parts of the world. It's good that such stories are told.

And we all need something to do when we OUGHT to be studying. That's just how it works!

Yevs said...

awwww why are you so amazing? How did you become like this? :)
love you!