Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Threadless and fancy free

This morning I am thinking about the coolness that is Threadless T-Shirts. Regular shmoes like you and me draw designs and submit them to the website. Then people vote and if enough people are into it, the design gets immortalized in super cool t-shirt form. Since I have less drawing ability than a frog on crack attached to a pencil, I cannot help but be super impressed with the designs of others. I am currently using this as my resource for New Year's presents (yep, I am weird and Russian, we give presents on New Year's).  And the price is mucho mucho correct, it ranges from $5-$20 for t-shirts (they also have hoodies, onesies, etc.)

I know this is not technically wedding related.... but ..... uhhh ..... you can buy them as gifts for b-maids or g-men! There, now it is wedding post!

Here are some of my fave designs: 

So Lovely by Sven Grothe

          Russian Newborn by Blake Suarez


Blablover5 said...

I love the Russiam Newborn, too cute.

So how popular is New Years compared to Christmas? I got the hints that it was huge after reading Day Watch but I'm not sure how it stacks up.

Bridechka said...

Oh man, its huge! Since technically there were not supposed to be any religions in the USSR (although the government would generally not go after people for celebrating Christian holidays as these were considered also "Russian"), one of the only nationally supported holiday was New Years (the other ones were usually days that celebrated national victories).

But Russian New Year is like Christmas and New Year in America combined. There is a fir tree (which we decorate), an old man named Grandfather Frost (Ded Moroz) brings us gifts by riding on sleigh which is carried by white horses, oh yeh and they fly, BUT also we party like wild animals. Lots of food, way too much drinking and the best part? After you wake up (post passing out in the wee morning hours) we have another party to celebrate the new year again (since last night's party was celebrating the old one).

Mrs. in May said...

How fun!

Kat said...

I literally laughed out loud: "Since I have less drawing ability than a frog on crack attached to a pencil"

Amanda said...

I love threadless! I was hooked ever since the "boobies" shirt.

Bridechka said...

Thanks for the comments ladies :)