Thursday, November 13, 2008

"Pink Bridal Shower" ... or ... "Why I chose Yevs as a Maid of Honor"

I wanna brag... I have the coolest friends ever.... no, really... EVER! And among them are my two Maids of Honor: Yevs and Mushu-Pork. Mushu lives in the far away land of Washington D.C. (but is coming to visit this weekend, yay!). But Yevs is local and amazes me every day with her insane party planning, gift giving, event finding, and just general coolness skills!

Last year another friend of ours got married and Yevs planned this cute and sweet bridal shower for her at her parents house in honor of the bride's love of all things pink!

Upon arrival guests were given flutes of pink champagne it was the perfect mix of girly and fabulous (two words that are very apt in describing the bride). Yevs bought plastic champagne flutes at a party store and the champagne whole-sale from a store in NJ (no tax! Yep, she's a smarty).

Yevs printed up custom wine bottle labels with the bride and groom's names and the wedding date on them and affixed them to some delish and cheap-o bottles of wine from Trader Joes.

She also created favor bags out of cute burlap sacks that she bought and stuffed with small make-up and beauty gifts.

There was a lot of yummy food but the highlights were this Russian waffle cake made by Yevs (yeh, I know homegirl is like superwoman!) and the pink and violet frosted red velvet cupcakes made by yours truly.

And I save the best element for last. The bride and groom refer to each other almost exclusively as "monkey" so trying to find some way to incorporate this, Yevs found a post Valentine's day sale on Oriental Trading Company and bought these pink monkeys. Since they were on sale, Yevs got them for a few bucks each! It was a really sweet personal touch and the bride could not stop smiling and playing with them all day.

On top of all of these great ideas. Yevs also had a dance instructor come and teach us a few ballroom dances since the bride used to ballroom dance competitively... clearly the rest of us were completely out of luck in trying to keep up with her! But there is nothing like seeing a Russian babushka doing the cha-cha. The whole party was perfection!


Jenny.Lee said...

Wow, what great ideas!

Erika said...

How cute! I wonder where she got her personalized wine labels. We bought some for our wedding from and they look pretty similar.

Anyway, regardless of where she got them, you're really lucky to have such a multi-talented maid of honor!

Yevs said...

omg!!!!!!!!!!!! yet again...I am crying. You are so good to me boo.