Monday, November 24, 2008

Escort-cards... that are favors...

... that might actually be sort of useful? Can it be!?!?

Ok well not useful per se! But these are escort-cards/favors my guests might not throw out the minute they leave (hopefully! there is no telling with Russians, they are hardly ever pleased!).

 Here is what I am thinking: a table full of mini evergreen tree seedlings.

They can either be lying down like the one above or standing in small clay pots, like below.

This idea comes thanks to Evergreen Memories. They provide the seedlings and will also put them in little pots or burlap sacks and tie ribbons on them, all depending on your preferences.
Clearly there many things to love here, first and foremost the price, each seedling ranges from $1.25 - $4.25 depending on whether you want the trimmings. Also, my hope is that people will take them home and plant them somewhere or leave them on their desks at the office to have a little something green and bright in their every day.

What I especially dig is how perfectly they fit in with the whole winter wedding wonderland idea that I have whirling around my snow crazed head. Plus the Big Guy is from the Evergreen State, so since our wedding will by in the NYC, it will be a nice shout-out to his home too.

Thoughts? Ideas based on these little trees? I would love to hear 'em.

{All images from Evergreen Memories}


Anonymous said...

do it!!!! i love the idea of sees/seedlings/plants as favors. if we were to do favors i'd totally have them!
have a GREAT week!

EliandMe said...

I love em - especially the ones lying down in the little sacks (I imagine they would be easier to get home in handbags too).

Julia Remix said...

Do it! They're small enough to grow indoors and be cute for a while before anyone needs to find a spot of grass for them. You could do the little sacks, but inside painted pots so they'd stand up - but then the dirt would stay in the sack?