Monday, November 3, 2008

Sweet Tooth

Hey folks check out today's Daily Candy NY article about two Brooklyn designers who make headgear that can only be described as modern vintage... yes its a dichotomy of fashion...

As soon as I saw them I thought about wedding headgear... I am not sure that I am cool enough to pull any of these off, but I am also certain that there are some vintage-loving brides out there that could rock these like they are meant to be rocked.

They do custom work too, so you can get creative and have them make you something all your own!

So go check out i love factory and support BK!

{image from i love factory}


GrosgrainBride said...

You're TOTALLY cool enough to pull them off! Seriously, rock the feathers! :)

Bridechka said...

Haha I will definitely be giving it some thought...I have a soft place in my heart for feathers...sigh

Thanks for the belief in my coolness factor, I assure you it is totally unwarranted... I am actually kind of a geek... in the best meaning of the word :)

Rebecca said...

pretty! I second the feather-rocking. :)