Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Venue: Stage 6 at Steiner Studios

Everyone in the NYC wedding game knows about Abigail Kirsch ... the super-star wedding caterer who has locations such as the Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers, NY Botanic Garden, Tappan Hill, and of course the uber-hot wedding venue Stage 6 in Brooklyn at Steiner Studios.

I went to visit this location a few weeks ago and absolutely adored the modern look inside the venue and the gorgeous picture of the Abigail Kirsch food. As soon as they told me that they lay out a red carpet for your guests, I had visions of hiring NYU Tisch students to pretend to be paparazzi and snap pictures of my guests as they enter the building (who needs a guest book when you have a picture of Aunt Bella getting out of her car and throwing her hands in the air screaming "No peecturz!" in true socialista style??  I just hope there aren't any crotch shots.... hmm ... reconsidering!) 

It is super cool that they are on a real movie studio and the view is just unbeatable - it is a little disconcerting that they are in the middle of nowhere (they are in the Navy Yard in Brooklyn which is clearly not nowhere but its definitely to the left and fifteen miles away from "easy to get to"). They offered all of the food, open bar, and location for around 145 per person in January on a Sunday (other months and Saturdays are a lot more expensive... in the area of 200 per person depending day and season). 

Then I hit 'em with the Russian questions and got a big NO on the vodka on the tables question ("Thats how people get really drunk!" My response: "Umm, yeah thats kind of the point."). They are more receptive on extending the time of the party but its fairly pricey to add time. 

All in all, this is probably me ideal wedding venue because of the clean modern look and the yummy gourmet food BUT although the price is good for a city wedding, its still a heck of a lot! And I don't want to throw all of that money in and not have all of my families' traditions be able to be included. It might seem silly but I want them to let loose and have fun and they won't really be able to do that if I take them completely and utterly out of their comfort zone (they are only truly comfortable when a bottle of vodka is within arm's length ... cliche but true!).

Oh well, we keep on looking...

{Sources for top image and bottom image}


Anonymous said...

it's beautiful! i hope you can make it work...if not, there are TONS of alternatives!


Meg said...

Errr... they won't let you have vodka on the table? How do you feel about surprising them? Or flasks?
I'm not sure how I feel about $145... its somewhere in between makes me want to cry, and D*MN that's a good price for that part of Brooklyn.

Bridechka said...

I know, it is soo pretty! But your right Grosgrain, there are still plenty of places to look at :)

Meg, those are my feelings exactly! On one hand its a "good deal" for the NYC but on the other hand it sooo much money! The two sides of my brain are duking it out.